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Communism American Style

Re-Posted From Last August – sorry folks been busy, see the next post. The House adopted a 10 year plan today.[1] Back in the USSR, the benevolent government used 5 year plans to guide their economy.[2] Jealousy of America’s retro-economics probably drove Vladimir Putin to recently call America a parasite on the global economy.[3] What read more »

The Consitution, the Debt Ceiling and a Real Balanced Budget Amendment

An Argument for a Constitutional Amendment to Sunset Federal Laws that Tax or Spend Congress reached a new high in pointless political theater today when the House tacked a balanced budget constitutional amendment to their debt ceiling increase.[1]  With unbridled hypocrisy, tea party purists who regularly bash judicial activism tried to hand the power of the purse to the read more »

Grand Bargain, Plan B and the Magic Button

Right before a drunk driver slams into a light pole, he must think, “I wish I had more time.”  With just 10 seconds, he could stop the car, whip out his cell phone and call a cab.  If only he had a magic time warp button! Our drunken sailors in D.C. have the opposite problem: they read more »

Theory of Inverse Impoundment

Pundits on the left have urged that President Obama has an upper hand in the debt ceiling fight because President Obama can simply raise the debt ceiling by executive order.[1]  Unfortunately for the hopeful left, Article I Section 8 of the Constitution grants Congress exclusive power to “borrow money on the credit of the United States.”[2][3]  read more »

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