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Grand Bargain, Plan B and the Magic Button

Right before a drunk driver slams into a light pole, he must think, “I wish I had more time.”  With just 10 seconds, he could stop the car, whip out his cell phone and call a cab.  If only he had a magic time warp button! Our drunken sailors in D.C. have the opposite problem: they read more »

Speaker Boehner Has Already Voted to Repeal the Tax Code

In 1998, a Republican-controlled House passed the Tax Code Termination Act to sunset the IRS effective July 4, 2002.[1]  Future Speaker Boehner vote aye.[2]  Could lightning strike twice?  Gosh, it did in 2000.[3]  Too bad the world’s most deliberative body did not join in. At the time, then President Clinton argued, successfully, that terminating the read more »

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